This post is not about the Jefferson's, a much loved TV show from the 70's.  Nope.  It's about Ascension, the "technical" term for working through your emotional baggage/stuff/sh*t to heighten your vibration and move up along the rungs of Ascension.  A spiritual growth spurt if you will which unfortunately is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms that at times make you question your sanity.  

Sure signs for me is that I get ridiculously tired, weepy, sometimes anxious, ravenously hungry and everything spins (much like it did after a good Saturday night in University).  Also sure signs are a ringing in the ears, craving salty and/or fatty foods (for grounding), regular deja vu, vivid dreams, emotional at the drop of a hat, and the list goes on and on.  

From what I've found you can't stop ascension.  You can slow it down, but why prolong the pain?  
  • Have salt water baths and add essential oils like lavender for calm.  Great to relax, quell any anxiety and help the release of toxins.
  • Drinks lots and lots of water.  Especially after a salt water bath, it's dehydrating. 
  • Eat well and often, and feed the body not just what it craves but also what it needs.  Weight gain during ascension is way too easy (guilty).
  • Smudge and clear your home regularly.  You are releasing layers and layers of accumulated baggage and don't want it hanging around.  
  • Walk, preferably in nature.  This is an incredibly grounding thing to do for an ascending body.  Movement helps the ascension process along and Mother Earth will ground and clear you like no other!
  • Meditate.  This is *SO* important.  Quieting the mind, being still, setting clear intentions to help yourself during these challenging times.
  • Ask for help.  If it all feels to be too much, ask God or your guides to take it easy on you.  You never know the power of asking until you try it.  So try it. 
  • Trust that this is temporary.  You are not dying.  You are not crazy.  You are going through something very personal and very powerful.  
  • Have faith everything that is happening is happening for your highest and greatest good.
Allow your body, mind and spirit to lighten up.  As painful and strange and confusing as the process seems to be at times, it is SO worth it when you come through onto the other side.