A Message from All That Is:

These are times for rejoicing, for celebration and for congratulation.  June 20, 2012 is only two days away and marks the half-way point for this transformational year 2012.  You have all come so far. Believe us even if you feel only pain, loss, frustration or stuck.  All of this uncomfortableness portends great change, your letting go of that which no longer serves you and your highest and greatest good. 

It is remarkable what is happening collectively, individually, cellularly.  We beam with pride for all your hard and diligent work, and know that it is not easy for you.  Our dear channeler has had her hands full, not just of late but for quite some time now.  There are times when none of what is happening makes sense to her.  In these times we remind her she is here because she volunteered.  She had the aforehand knowledge in a lifetime previous to this that all the collective, individual and cellular hard work and uncomfortableness would co-create such an incredible experience of love and peace, she would never have wanted to miss it.  We remind her to have faith in herself and all she is doing and not doing. 

Not doing and just being is very difficult for so many of you.  You wish to push against the uncomfortableness and frustration.  You wish to “work through it”.  Sometimes the best course of action is no action at all.  Just let it be, the uncomfortableness and frustration.  Find a way to accept it and then watch how quickly you can let it go.  Find a way to make the uncomfortableness comfortable and watch the change.  Master the art of not doing and you will begin to master the art of change. 

With hearts full of love and pride, we leave you now.  

All That Is