My work with the Divine began in the Akashic (a-CASH-ik) Records which is also known as the Book of Life or the Library of the Soul. Here is where the knowledge, wisdom and truth of every Soul ever in existence is recorded. The Akashic Records allowed me to open myself fully to receive the Divine (a.k.a. God, Source, All That Is). 

My work has evolved and my Sessions work with the Chakras, the Inner Child, the Ego and the Logical Mind, the Angelics and Ascended Masters, energy, frequency and vibration.  Sessions are unique to each and every client.

Sessions are not about fortune telling or predictions.  It is about connecting you with your most brilliant Self, the truth of who you are, your essence, purpose and truth in this lifetime.  

Information is only be shared by the Divine when it is aligned with your Highest and Greatest Good. That being said, we can only access information pertaining to other people as they relate to us.  Think of it as a divinity's confidentiality clause.

There profound and powerful experiences that can take place during Sessions. When past life issues and ancestral patterns are cleared and healed in the here and now they are also clearing and healing seven generations back and seven generations forward.  Pretty cool, huh?

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