Here are some of my favourite resources, practitioners and websites.  Check them out and see what resonates with you.  You never know what you might find...

Angela Donnelly  is an Angelic Channeler, practices Angelic Energy Therapy and is a Master Tarot Reader and Instructor, not to mention a close friend. Angela channels the Healing Collective whose powerful healing sessions have to be experienced to be believed.


Healing Diva is my good friend Sherri Dymterko. Sherri connects with Ascended Masters and Angels who work through her to deliver powerful energy healing sessions that are out of this world!

Ladybug Harbor is a fabulous shop in Port Credit with lovely local and Canadian merchandise. Martha, the Ladybug Curator, is my friend who invites me into her store one Saturday a month to conduct Akashic Records sessions for clients and customers.  I have bought some wonderful crystals from Martha at Ladybug Harbor! is wonderful website for everyone, not just Lightworkers.  Lots of self discovery can go here.  There are many channeled messages, teachings and blogs to check out.  Read through all the articles at your own pace, see what resonates with you and go from there.


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