My "Wake Up!"

In November 2010, my life was a very straight path. I commuted in and out of Toronto working at a very busy office job. So busy most days were a blur of deadlines, rushes and never-ending tasks. And, I'd just bought my own home: an investment of my hard work.  Because this is what we do, right?  We go to school and study hard, we get a job and work hard, and then we… well, we...?  What? 

My straight path ran into upheaval, taking unexpected twists and turns which caught me most unaware. I ended up on a stress leave, and never returned the very busy office job.  My attempt to recover my Self from the stress and anxiety of the upheaval was by meditating, something with which I usually struggled.  Here is where I found connection to the Divine and was introduced to Archangels and Ascended Masters (ask me one day about how Jesus really feels about Easter...). 

Suddenly, at the age of almost 40, I discovered my crystal clear Divine connection which allows me to channel, talk to dead people, read energy and so on.  Let me tell you, this made for very interesting dinner conversations with family and friends.  

How I Work and What Sets Me Apart
The work I do and have done with others and on myself is about reclaiming the Self: stripping away the old, all that is no longer who we now are; unraveling the learned behaviours of this lifetime because they are not who we truly are; and clearing memories carried from lifetimes of re-incarnation.  This is how we reclaim who we are. This is how we connect with our Divinity. 

I use my connection to the Divine to access information for clients.  From here I create and hold space of unconditional love where I guide clients through the stripping, unraveling and clearing to healing and transformation.  And I share my experiences and what I have learned to move us all closer to our truth. 


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